Propositions and Resolutions

Propositions and Resolutions

What are propositions and resolutions?

A proposition is a suggested change to the constitution, canons or rules of order.

A resolution is a proposal for an action or statement of opinion, put in form for debate, amendment, clarification and eventual vote. After they have been reviewed for consideration, they will be formally discussed at Convention.

How do I submit a proposition or resolution for convention?

All resolutions to be considered for action by the Convention must be submitted in writing in proper format to the Secretary of the Convention not later than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Convention. Resolutions should be written clearly and concisely.

Any congregation member can submit a resolution concerning the mission and ministry of our church, however, it requires sponsorship or endorsement of a delegate to Convention (lay or clergy). 

Who can write a proposition or resolution?

Any voting delegate to Convention may write a resolution concerning the mission and ministry of our Church.

How do I write a resolution?

Resolutions should be submitted in proper format as outlined below, containing only those specific statements upon which the convention will vote. Resolutions should be written clearly, concisely and in gender-neutral, inclusive style.

Submitted by or signed...

(List all signatories who are sponsoring the resolution as recommended previously.Those signing on a resolution should be prepared to discuss the motion if called on.)

Resolved, that the 152nd Convention of the Diocese of Long Island...

(State what action you wish to occur. Please confine your motions to things that can be accomplished by the Church.)

Be it further resolved that...

(Your resolution may require more than one distinct action. Please state each step in a new "resolve" paragraph.)

Propositions passed at Convention 2018
Resolutions passed at Convention 2018