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Latest News and Updates from the 80th General Convention

general convention

The  80th General Convention  will meet in Baltimore, July 8 – 11, 2022. General Convention is the highest governing body of The Episcopal Church, meeting every three years and made up of the Church’s bishops and elected lay and ordained deputies from each diocese.

Regular video updates from our bishops and deputies will appear on this webpage, along with photos and other items of interest. Check back often!

Video Updates

Bishop Provenzano

July 11, 2022

Linda Watson-Lorde at 80th General Convention

July 11, 2022

Kathy Page, Lay Delegate

July 11, 2022

Bishop Provenzano

July 10, 2022

Bishop Provenzano

July 9, 2022

Canon Charles Janoff, Lay Deputy

July 9, 2022

The Rev. Hickman Alexandre

July 8, 2022

Video Introduction to 80th General Convention

July 6, 2022

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Photos from GC80

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Deputies and Bishops of the Diocese of Long Island gather in the hospitality suite during the 80th General Convention. Front row: Sharon Brown-Veillard, Mo. Karen Davis-Lawson, Valerie Crosdale, Kathy Page. Back row: Fr. Hickman Alexandre, Linda Watson-Lorde, Fr. Donovan Leys, Fr. Tony Hinds, Bp. Larry Provenzano, Bp. Gerry Wolf, Bp. Bill Franklin, Cn. Lynn Collins, Charlie Janoff.

The deputies representing the Diocese of Long Island are:

Clergy Deputies

The Rev. Karen Davis-Lawson
The Very Rev. Hickman Alexandre
The Rev. Tony Hinds
The Rev. Canon Lynn Collins

Clergy Alternates

The Rev. Donovan Leys (Alternate)
The Rev. Canon Suzanne Culhane (Alternate)

Lay Deputies

Ms. Sharon Brown-Veillard Esq.
Canon Charles Janoff, Esq.
Ms. Valerie Crosdale
Ms. Linda Watson-Lorde

Lay Alternates

Ms. Kathy Page (Alternate)
Ms. Kennisha Douglas (Alternate)
Mrs. Penny Grinage (Alternate)