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Bishop Provenzano Recommends Gov. Cuomo's Recent Statement on Vaccine

diocese-logo-mark-full-color_square.pngDear Sisters and Brothers,

As the campaign to administer COVID-19 vaccines rolls out worldwide, I commend the below statement that Governor Cuomo made recently to the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York City. 

I agree with Gov. Cuomo that there is nothing to fear from this vaccine. I also want to applaud the fact that he refuses to use his privileged position to "jump to the head of the line". He will wait his turn.

As followers of Jesus' Way of Love, it is important that we each do everything possible to safeguard the life and wellbeing of our neighbors, friends and loved ones. 

Receiving the vaccine is not only a matter of public health, it is an act of unselfish care for the stewardship of the lives of the people around us. It is a hopeful sign after a difficult year.

As soon as my primary care physician notifies me that it is available, I will without hesitation receive the COVID-19 vaccine myself.

I recommend sharing Gov. Cuomo's message with your membership.





The Right Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano
Bishop of Long Island

Click on the following link to view Gov. Cuomo's video message: JAN 3, 2021 - Governor Cuomo in Remarks to Abyssinian Baptist Church: "I Will Not Take the Vaccine Until the Vaccine is Available For My Group in Black, Hispanic, and Poor Communities Around the State"

Click here for link to the official release of the statement along with a written transcript and audio only version: