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Bishop Provenzano supports farmworkers because of the Gospel, not politics



On March 5,  Bishop Larry Provenzano addressed the "Town Hall on Justice for New York State Farmworkers," at Long Island University.  (Because of weather this event was postponed from February 12.) 

The bishop encouraged the Town Hall participants, especially youth, to join him in support of justice for NYS farmworkers.  Mother Marie Tatro, vicar for Community Justice Ministry, said, "the bishop's talk was very moving.  It's so important for college students to hear religious leaders speak out in this way."  

And, she added, "Bishop Provenzano -- alongside a political scientist and a labor leader -- provided important theological insights into why we as a faith community must stand up for the rights of farmworkers. Citing Matthew 25, the bishop made it clear that we are not motivated by politics, but by the Gospel."

Other speakers included Roger Clayman, of the Long Island Federation of Labor; Margaret Gray, PhD, author of Labor and the Locavore; a current and a former farmworker testified about their experiences; and Ruth Faircloth, Rural Women Outreach Coordinator of Rural Migrant Ministries (RMM), which is a partner ministry of the Diocese of Long Island and receives support from Episcopal Ministries of Long Island for its educational work on Long Island.