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Canon Myra Garnes Named Officer for Youth Ministry of The Episcopal Church

myra-garnes.pngApril 20, 2022

Canon Myra Garnes, who has directed the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministries in the Diocese of Long Island since 2010, was announced today as the new officer for youth ministry of The Episcopal Church Department of Faith Formation.

Bishop Provenzano said, “Today’s announcement of the appointment of Canon Myra Garnes to serve the churchwide body as the Officer for Youth Ministry is an occasion of great joy here in the Diocese of Long Island.

“For over a decade, Canon Myra Garnes has served the diocese as the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries with great enthusiasm, vision, and wisdom.  Although we will miss her terribly, I know I speak for all in our diocese, that the ministry of the whole church will be blessed by her presence, her spirit, and her faithfulness. She has been the driving force behind the growth, education and integration of youth and young adult ministries throughout our diocese.  

“As she prepares to take on this new and vital role in the church, here in the Diocese of Long Island, we will immediately engage in a year-long process of discernment and planning for the next stages of youth and young adult ministries. Over the summer we will prepare to welcome Ministry Architects, a consulting team, to help us evaluate the most effective and useful ways to build upon the work of this past decade.  

“Each parish, every deanery, and all our organizations and ministry partners will be invited to participate in this process of learning and discovery, resulting in the call of our next Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and setting the stage to engage new ways of fully including the next generation of people in the life and ministry of the Diocese of Long Island.  

“On a personal note, I will miss the everyday involvement with Myra, who was the very first person I brought on to the staff of the diocese after my ordination as bishop. She has not only been a trusted colleague and partner in ministry, but she has also been my friend. I will miss her involvement in our diocesan life but look forward to the tremendous impact she will have upon the ministry of the Episcopal Church. She goes with our love and prayers.  

“We will take the opportunity on Saturday, May 21st to celebrate Canon Myra’s ministry in our diocese as we will gather that day on the grounds of the Diocesan Center in Garden City with youth from throughout the diocese, their families and parish members, diocesan staff, and clergy to give thanks, pray together, and celebrate the ending of one ministry and beginning of a new chapter in ministry for Canon Myra Garnes. Details will follow in the next few weeks.”

Garnes begins her new role on May 2.

Click here to read the announcement from the Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs.