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Canon Claire Woodley Announces Two Projects Aimed at
Understanding Systemic Racism in the Diocese of Long Island

The Rev. Canon Claire Woodley, Canon for Congregational Support, launched two videos introducing clergy and lay leaders to two new and different projects aimed at understanding the history of systemic racism in the Diocese of Long Island.

The first is a web project, “Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly: Displacing Systemic Racism,” a collaboration with FaithX and Data Story that uses data to understand the history of systemic racism and its impact in the Diocese of Long Island. The website can be found at

The second project, “Uncovering Parish Histories,” invites parish leadership to explore their parish history as it relates to Black people and other people of color. Those interested can receive assistance from the Rev. Dr. Craig Townsend to go through parish archives and other historical documents.

 To learn more, watch Canon Woodley’s video introductions:

[ 2020 video presentation ]



Welcome to my website, where I share news, information and many ideas and resources for Congregational Support in our diocese. For example, a major resource is RenewalWorks, a ministry of Forward Movement.

We have moved from a time when churches flourished by attraction to a time when we need to get out of our church doors to share the good news of God in Christ.

Congregational Support Resource Categories

Page from a recent email newsletter

Page from a recent email newsletter


Monthly Email Newsletters

Congregational Support newsletters are emailed to all clergy of the diocese; and are available on this website. Newsletters highlight the latest support events and activities and include weblinks for further information.



I-W-C is a new member ministry-process for churches seeking to expand their reach to people in their communities. It accommodates congregations of all sizes, crosses social and economic boundaries, and explores ways creativity and relational ministry can go hand in hand to effect culture change.


Spiritual Gifts Inventory

The Spiritual Gifts Inventory is a helpful process for those who would like to serve the church and community but who may not know what they have to offer.

Coaching for Diocesan Clergy

  • Newly called to a parish and seeking a powerful start?

  • Recently completed a training program and seeking support to implement new learning

  • Five years into a call; seeking next steps?

  • Encountering an obstacle and looking for new ways forward?

  • Considering a new call?

  • Getting ready for retirement?


RenewalWorks is a great place to begin for congregational development!

This five-month plan is used across the Episcopal Church to help congregations focus on spiritual growth for congregational growth.

(Available in English and Spanish!)

The Path

Building on RenewalWorks: Try a parish wide scripture reading event with The Path, from Forward Movement.

A selection of the stories and scriptures that show the arc of God’s path to restore us to the full embrace of God’s love in Jesus Christ.

Beginning with Creation, right on through the Book of Revelation.


Diocesan Church Development Institute

Karen Davis-Lawson, Kevin Morris, Liz Tunney

Karen Davis-Lawson, Kevin Morris, Liz Tunney

DCDI is a leadership training program for clergy and laity focused on developing the spiritual community and organizational life of congregations. It equips leaders through a highly integrated training experience that engages participants in the issues and dynamics that they face as leaders who desire to transform their congregations by making them stronger, healthier, more deeply rooted in Anglican Spirituality, more responsive to God, and more effective in their communities.




Canon Claire Woodley also serves as head of the diocesan Office of Transition Ministry, offering counsel and resources for clergy and lay leaders exploring new positions.