Diocesan Payroll Service

Payroll and Employee-Paid Fringe Benefits

The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island has been offering free administrative serves through our Diocesan Payroll Service since 2002. Currently there are 95 churches throughout the diocese that are participating in this service. All W-2 and 1099 employees, both full- and part-time, can be paid through the payroll service. 

Using the Diocesan Payroll Service ensures compliance peace of mind. Quarterly and annual tax reporting is done automatically. All labor law and IRS mandated expenses are processed without any additional work. 

The diocese is currently utilizing the service of Paychex to process all payroll needs.  Paychex maintains a strong relationship with the IRS and local agencies to keep your payroll employee requirements on target.  Employees can access their paystubs online 24/7 and obtain important tax documentation, like W2s, online as well. Everything needed is at their fingertips. 

Employee-Paid Benefits provided through the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island are only available to employees of churches using the Diocesan Payroll Service. These benefits are an easy way for an employee to reduce their taxable income and currently include:

  • Flexible Spending Account, which enables the employee to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible out-of-pocket expenses concerning medical, dental, eye care, prescriptions and mental health needs. 
  • Transportation & Parking Fringe Benefit, which allows the employee to pay for train fares and parking costs associated with their commute to and from work with pre-tax dollars.
  • AFLAC, which is a supplemental health care insurance providing additional money, above the cost of care, to help with day-to-day responsibilities when sick and/or hospitalized.

The diocese has negotiated low group rates through Paychex to make this offer affordable for parishes. 

Those churches interested in inquiring about the Diocesan Payroll Service should contact Therese Lynaugh at tlynaugh@dioceseli.org or (516) 248-4800 x168. 

Questions and concerns can also be directed to our Human Resource Manager, Nancy Signore, at nsignore@dioceseli.org or (516) 248-4800 x111.

Our goal is to provide this service to all of the 131 congregations and we appreciate your support and feedback. 

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