Parochial Reports

Parochial Reports

The Parochial Report is a tool for the collection of data that is intended to assist The Episcopal Church in planning for mission. It collects data about membership, attendance, stewardship, financial information etc.

Parochial Reports are required by the Canons in order for lay delegates to have seat and voting rights at Convention. 

A mailing with the Parochial Report information from the General Convention Office is sent to all parishes in December. It includes a cover letter from the Rev. Can. Michael Barlowe from the Presiding Bishop’s Office and a card containing the church’s UEID number and password (PIN). 

The workbooks and a PDF of the physical Parochial Report are available on the Episcopal Church website: All reports are to be filed on line via this link: which will be available on January 2.

Please note the canonical deadline for report filing to the diocese is March 1 and the website will close in August. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact Gabrielle Dubecky at (516) 248-4800 ext 145 or via email at

2016 Parochial Reports received

Parochial Report delinquencies

Parochial form and workbooks from the General Convention Office  

All questions and concerns about Parochial Reports may be directed to Gabrielle Dubecky at or (516) 248-4800 x145.