Capital Improvement Grants

For Trustee and Capital Works and Maintenance Grant

Updated Nov 20, 2020

- Grants are designed to fund upgrade of parish, energy usage, bathrooms, and kitchens.
- Maintain buildings and roof repair and replace windows repair/protect, boiler replacement.
- The project must have enthusiastic support of clergy and lay leaders within the congregation and financial commitment from the parish

 Trustee Grants may NOT be used for the following:

- Payments on existing debt
- Purchase of real estate or land
- Ongoing funding of paid staff
Total amount available for Grants

Grants of up to $25,000 are available for projects sponsored by an individual congregation 

Requirements for Award Recipients

Funded parishes agree to the following:

- Set up site visit to discuss project with Construction Manager Anthony Natale,

- Contact Jennifer Kosky, Executive Assistant Real Estate (516) 248-4800 x 122 for approval if unforeseen circumstances require substantial change in the use of the funds.

- Parish should contribute at least 10% of the cost of the project.

- Three quotes from Licensed and Insured Contractors will need to be obtained in coordination with Construction Manager Anthony Natale.

- If awarded grant, upon completion, a one-page report needs to be filed within 30 days of completion to show results including two photos of the before and after.

- Be prepared to provide detailed accounting of how grant funds were spent, with adequate documentation

- Include an acknowledgement of funding from Trustees on any promotional literature pertaining to activities and testimonials from project participants.

- Certify that the funds will be used for the intended project

Application Submission Process

All application materials must be received by the following deadlines: 

- Spring applications: Received by March 15
- Summer applications: Received by June 15
- Fall applications: Received by September 15
- Winter applications: Received by December 15

Filing Instructions: 

- Download the application (fillable PDF)
- You must use the most recent version of the FREE Adobe Reader to fill out this form, or your data will not be saved. For tablet users, please check that your PDF app is compatible with Reader. Mac users: - Note that the MAC ‘PREVIEW’ application will not save to your data. Please use Adobe Reader. 
- Before starting, download and save a copy of the application to your desktop. Work off of the downloaded application.
- Email the completed Application to In the ‘Subject’ line of the email, specify ‘Trustee Grant’ and Project Name.
- If applicable, be sure to include any bids, estimates or any other supplemental documentation that may further enhance your grant submission.
What to expect after submitting your application:

- You will receive an email confirming that your grant was received, and you can expect a decision to be made.
- The Clergy-in-Charge is asked to respond to this email to confirm that the proposed ministry will have support of parish leadership.
- Real Estate Manager may request supportive documents, bids and costs estimates for expenses.
- Once approved, contractors will need to send their invoices directly to the Diocese who will pay the vendors directly. 

Grant Review Process:

With members of the Trustees and the Real Estate Office within the Diocese serve on the Grant Review Committee that make the final determination on all grant applications submitted. The committee may request supplemental materials in order to consider the grant. The grant Committee encourages parishes to consult Real Estate Manager or Administrator and discuss their intention and aspirations for the project prior to submitting the grant application.