Grants and Loans

Grants and Loans

Financial resources are available in the form of grants and loans to support and encourage vital ministries across the diocese.  

In order to aid parishes in applying for the grant or loan program that is most appropriate given the scope of work for the intended project or ministry, it is strongly suggested that individuals contact the designated contact person for each of these programs as a first step. This preliminary consultation will allow the staff of the bishops' office to offer more concrete and supportive information and also to be of greater assistance throughout the application and review process.   

1) Mission Grants (Episcopal Ministries of Long Island) EMLI Mission Grants are designed to fund the launching of new ministries and programs, or the redevelopment of existing ones. Mission grants address the specific needs of local communities such as providing for basic needs such as food and clothing, nurturing our young people through after-school or camp programs, assisting seniors, advocating for the vulnerable or responding to other emerging needs. Contact Franca Floro at (516) 248-4800 ext 149 or by email.

2) Congregational Development Grants are designed to support healthy and vital parish communities across the diocese. Typical grants may focus on areas such as stewardship and Christian formation, evangelism, children’s and family ministries, elder ministries, engaging people thirty-five or under, developing a third liturgy, leadership training, and new ministries.

With the coronavirus limiting in-person gatherings, worship and other activities are taking place virtually. To support these essential connections, congregational grants are still available for technology upgrades to enhance live-streaming/internet video production, but they are capped at $5,000.  EMLI is administering these funds in cooperation with the Diocesan Office of Communication Ministry. If you would like assistance or a consultation before beginning your technology upgrade project, please contact Denise Fillion, Director of Communication at

Click here to download the Grant Application for a general Congregational Development Grant.

Click here to download the Grant Application for a Congregational Development Grant for Technology Upgrades (Capped at $5,000)

As with all our grants, parishes are expected to share the total cost of the project. If you have any questions, please contact: Franca Floro, EMLI Program Director at (631) 645-3248 or

3) Episcopal Church Building Fund Loans The Episcopal Church Building Fund (ECBF) makes non-mortgage loans to Episcopal congregations and organizations. Loans are made for building projects, renovations, repairs, improvements and or purchase of land or buildings. This includes church buildings, schools, rectories, diocesan camps and buildings. Loans must be reviewed, approved and secured by the Trustees of the Estate.  The maximum amount for this loan is $750,000. Contact Haiko Cornelissen at (516) 248-4800 ext. 147 or by email.

4) Trustees Small Loan Fund The Trustees of the Estate have designated certain of the unrestricted funds of the Diocese for use in supporting short term loans at low interest rates to cover the expenses of capital projects.  The maximum amount for this loan is $25,000. Contact the Haiko Cornelissen for more information or to discuss your proposal at (516) 248-4800 ext. 147 or by email.

5) Trustee and Capital Works and Maintenance Grant These grants are designed to fund upgrade of parish, energy usage, bathrooms, and kitchens. Maintain buildings and roof repair and replace, windows repair/protect, boiler replacement.  Contact Jennifer Kosky for more information at (516) 246-4800 ext. 122 or by email.