Parish Administration

Parish Administration

Reporting, Vestry Resources, Finance, Human Resources and Benefits, and Property & Facilities Management

Staff in the bishop's office are here to help provide your parish with guidance and support with a wide variety of parish administration topics. 

Parochial Reports, Audits, and Vestry Resources

For questions, contact the Julie Hayle, Financial Administrator, at (516) 248-4800 ext. 145.
Annual Vestry Update Form
Audit Certificates Procedures and Guidelines 
2017 Audit Committee Certificate Form 
Current Year Audit Certificates Received 
Report of Prior Year's Audit Delinquencies 
Parochial Reports
Deadlines for Property Tax Exemption Renewals 
Manual of business methods in church affairs (ECUSA website) 
List of treasurers to whom offerings should be sent   
Top Ten Resources for Vestries


Contact Peter Robey, Director of Finance, at with issues pertaining to investments, financial statements, and accounting.
Diocesan Investment Fund
2014 Federal Tax Reporting Guide     
2016 Audited financial statements of the Diocese of Long Island
2017 Pledge in Support of Common Ministry  

Human Resources and Employee Benefits

Contact Nancy Signore, Diocese Human Resource Manager, at for issues pertaining to benefits, pension, insurance, employment, and payroll
Benefits, Pension, Insurance, Employment    
Diocesan holiday schedule 2018 through 2021    
2018 standard mileage rate     
2018 COLA for parish employees      
2018 Clergy housing resolutions      
Clergy compensation guidelines in the Diocese of Long Island    

Property and Facilities Management

Contact Nancy Lanzilotta, Real Estate Administrative Assistant at (516) 532-0562 or by email.
Property Support: Small Loan Program      
Lease of Church Property      
Mortgage of Church Property      
Sale of Church Property      
Sale of Church Property for Development      
Best Practices for Working With Outside Contractors      
Applying for an Episcopal Church Building Fund Loan      
The Consolidation and Closing of Congregations 
Trustee and Capital Works and Maintenance