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Safe Church Training


Safe Church training is available online at Please reach out to our Safe Church Administrator, Ms. Aissa Hillebrand to set up your Safe Church administrator account or with any questions: or (516) 248-4800 ext. 150.

Who Takes What Course Sheet

Safe Church, Safe Communities FAQ

Where is the chart of who should take which courses?

Consult the "Who Takes What" spreadsheet to understand which training modules are required for different roles in your parish.

How do I get started with my Safe Church training?

Each parish should have a Safe Church Administrator in place. The program is parish based and the records of compliance are kept in the parish office. If your parish does not have a safe church coordinator, consult the clergy-in-charge.

What if I didn’t get an email to set up an account on Praesidium Academy?

If you would like to access Praesidium Academy and are unable to find the invitation email, follow the steps below to reset your password and gain access to your account.

1. Click
2. Click on Forgot your password?
3. Enter in the email address associated with your Academy account.
4. Click the blue Reset Password button.
5. Check your email.
6. Click the link inside of your email to set a new password for your Academy account.

When can we start using the new online courses created by The Episcopal Church?

You can start using them now.

Are the Praesidium courses available in other languages?

Yes, they are in the large menu of courses on Also, the diocesan policies are available in Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and French here:

Is my Diocesan Policy updated with the latest Model Policies of The Episcopal Church?

Yes, the model policies are uploaded and updated and are located on the diocesan website here.

How many online parish Safe Church administrators do we need?

It depends on the size of your church. If you are a small church or school, you may only need one or two.

Can I take the Safe Church training in person?

Yes! We hope the courses for train-the-trainer from the Episcopal Church will be available later in 2023. At that time, we will have in-person Safe Church training.

Will there be any train-the-trainer courses offered for Long Island?

Yes! We hope to start these once The Episcopal Church finalizes their new process for this training. Some will be online; some will be in person.

I have taken Sexual Harassment and Child Abuse training through my current job and/or I am a therapist/ teacher/doctor. Do I still have to be certified via Praesidium?


How long is the Safe Church certification valid for?

Three (3) years.

Do I have to take Sexual Harassment training every year?

According to NYS law, all paid employees are required to renew their Sexual Harassment training every year. To comply, at the minimum you should read the diocesan policy, “EDLI Policy on Sexual Harassment ne Sexual Exploitation” and take the “Anti-Harassment” modules which applies to your position as either a supervisor or a worker. Every three years, all of the five Presidium Universal Training modules and any others which apply, should be taken with the Refresher modules if available. See the “Who Takes What” spreadsheet for more information. The EDLI Policies are also there.

How do I obtain my Safe Church certificate?

1. Log into your Academy Training account
2. Scroll down below the photo of the children in the diamond shapes and look for your Learning widget.
3. Click on the Certificates tab
4. View Certificate for the course you have completed to populate a PDF of the certificate