Episcopal and Presbyterian Leadership Meet  to Discuss Future Collaboration

Episcopal and Presbyterians of Long Island Meet to Discuss Future Collaboration on September 28, 2023

On September 28, Episcopal leaders from the Diocese of Long Island and the Presbyteries of New York City and Long Island met at the Mercer School of Theology.

The Rev. Matt Tees, one of the conveners of the meeting said, “We are re-establishing important and historic connections with our Presbyterian sisters and brothers on Long Island and in New York City with a focus on sharing missional, educational, and liturgical ministries. This is of particular importance as the next General Convention and Presbyterian General Assembly will consider adopting a resolution outlining the exchange of ministers between our denominations.”

The proposed agreement states, “When Christians demonstrate in their lives that the barriers which divide the rest of society do not divide the Church, the Gospel is proclaimed. We may be certain that we are called, together, to grow in mission, the mission of the Church, within the mission of the triune God.