Clergy Compensation Guidelines in the Diocese of Long Island

Diocese of Long Island
Posted by Teddy Byrne

This resource outlines the proposed compensation guidelines for clergy members in the Diocese of Long Island and is updated on an annual basis. It addresses various aspects of clergy compensation and benefits, aiming to provide a comprehensive framework for fair and equitable compensation. Here's an overview of the key elements covered in this resource:

  1. Base Minimum Compensation

  2. Cash Housing Allowance

  3. SECA Offset

  4. Reimbursable Automobile and Travel Expenses

  5. Utilities

  6. Pension Assessment

  7. Life Insurance

  8. NYS Sick & Safe Leave

  9. Medical & Dental Insurance Premiums

  10. Housing Equity Account (RSVP)

  11. Parental Leave of Absence

  12. Vacation

  13. Sabbatical 

  14. Continuing Education Expense and Leave

  15. Supply Clergy Compensation

This resource is submitted by the Diocesan Council and aims to ensure that clergy members within the Diocese of Long Island receive fair compensation and comprehensive benefits, covering various aspects of their professional and personal lives.