"GC to Consider Churchwide Reparations for Slavery" By Kirk Petersen of The Living Church

Reparations The Living Church

This article was published by Kirk Petersen of The Living Church

In 2019, Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) became the first Episcopal entity to make financial reparations for slavery, pledging $1.7 million to fund “activities and programs that promote justice and inclusion.”


“A more committed and coordinated approach from the Episcopal Church can and should occur by having the establishment of an independent reparations fund commission,” said Penny Grinage, a lay deputy from the Diocese of Long Island. She testified May 23 at a hearing of the Racial Truth-Telling, Reckoning, & Healing committee in support of Resolution A015, “Owning a Commitment to Reparations.”


Grinage’s own diocese is among those that have taken action already. “In 2021, the Diocese of Long Island established a reparations program where funds have been set aside to provide college scholarships and … [trade] school fees to the descendants of enslaved African people in the diocese.” 

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