History As Social Justice Activism: An Uncovering Parish Histories Report

Uncovering Parish Histories, an antiracism project, presented by St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church & the Cathedral of the Incarnation

In an effort to tell the truth about past injustice and point ourselves, our parishes, and our diocese towards a more just future, the Cathedral of the Incarnation and the Pro-Cathedral of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church held the first public report of the ongoing “Uncovering Parish Histories project” on February 26, 2023. 

The Rev. Dr. Craig Townsend, Historian-in-Residence for Racial Justice for the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, and clergy and lay volunteers from several parishes, discussed their explorations of the history of their parishes’ complicity in slavery and the slavery economy, as well as other periods of involvement in racial justice and injustice actions, and the spiritual import of that work. This historical research takes place under the auspices of Beloved Journey, an antiracism project of the Diocese of Long Island, and currently involves twenty parishes.

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