Lectures and Photos from Mercer School "Day of Learning" with Codrington College

Faculty of Codrington College join together with Bishop Provenzano and representatives of Long Island

On December 16, the Mercer School of Theology hosted a “Day of Learning” with leading theologians from Codrington College, an Anglican theological college in Barbados. The series of talks, entitled “Anglophone Caribbean Theology and Spirituality: A Matter of Identity” explored the interconnections between geography, history, theology, spirituality and culture —on Long Island and across the West Indies. 

Lectures were given by visiting faculty from Codrington Archbishop John Holder, former Archbishop of the West Indies; Canon Monrelle Williams, Professor of Theology; Canon Kirkley Sands, dean of faculty and head of academics.

You can view the lectures, as well as pictures from the day below.


Photos from the Event

Photography by: Teddy Byrne


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For more information about Codrington College and the "Day of Learning" at Mercer, click here.