All Saints', Park Slope Celebrates Georgian Independence Day

The Georgian Fellowship of All Saints’, Park Slope, celebrated Georgian Independence Day on May 26 with Holy Eucharist, a concert, and delicious Georgian food. The fellowship began meeting monthly last fall for regular programs, but this was the first time it held a liturgy. The group believes this is the first time the Eucharist has been celebrated in the Georgian language in the history of the Anglican Communion. David Shubladze, leader of the fellowship, preached, and the celebrant was the Rev. Steven Paulikas, rector of All Saints’ Church.  

An increasingly anti-Western government has spurred significant emigration from Georgia, especially among young people, and Brooklyn is a popular destination. The Georgian translation of The Book of Common Prayer was created for use by St. Nino’s Episcopal Mission in Tbilisi, Georgia by its leader, Thoma Lipartiani. 

-Submitted by Rev. Steven Paulikas, Rector, All Saints', Park Slope