Mission Trip to the Border with St. John's, Huntington and St. John's, Lattingtown - October, 2022

From Deacon Claire Mis: Eight people from St. John’s Huntington, and St. John’s, Lattingtown embarked on a mission trip to the Borderlands of Arizona from October 24-30, 2022. After spending almost two years of deep conversation with several Episcopal churches in the Diocese of Arizona, we were finally able to put our feet where our ears, mouths and hearts have been to make our pilgrimage/mission into an area of our world that continues to make headlines.

Our goal was to be in the midst of peoples serving on both sides of the border in Nogales, Mexico – to listen to their stories, learn more about the struggles and difficulties they encounter, and most of all to share our love of Christ. What we encountered in all borderland peoples profoundly changed our lives and we find ourselves grappling with lots of questions – complicated questions involving next steps.

As we continue to process our own thoughts and feelings, we have discovered that we, from the Diocese of Long Island, were on the receiving end of the love, and faith of those serving and those being served. This was truly a transformative experience!