Archive Manual for Episcopal Parishes

Diocese of Long Island
Posted by Teddy Byrne
Topics: Archives

This manual of records management guidelines is designed for parish officers and administrators, including the custodian of records and archives or the parish archivist. It includes a general records retention schedule that may be modified and adopted by congregations for their particular situations. In all cases, the vestry or equivalent body of the parish should approve policy guidelines on records management, including schedules for retention and destruction. Legal counsel should also be consulted, especially in the context of potential or ongoing litigation.

This manual is created by The Archives of the Episcopal Church and approved for distribution by the Board of Archives of the General Convention. An abridged version of this manual is contained as Chapter IX of The Episcopal Church's "Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs," which can be found at

For advice on archives or records, contact The Archives of the Episcopal Church, PO Box 2247, Austin, TX 76768, 800-525-9 329, or email the Archives at Other resources are available on the Archives website at: