Introduction to Coaching for Clergy

Two clergy locking arms in support
Posted by Teddy Byrne

Clergy are feeling overwhelmed. We are at a pivot-point in our culture and in the church. Coaching can help a leader see into the challenges, unlock possibilities, expand their options, and create accountability for setting and completion of goals. With both longer engagements (12- 16 sessions) or short-term engagements (2 -6), coaching can be sized to the help needed. 

The focus on coaching will always be generated by the individual and the coach is a partner who listens deeply, asks powerful questions, so that the coaching client may set goals that are attainable and timely. Our coaches have a variety of coaching competencies and tools available to assist clergy including the Hogan Personality Assessment. Sessions are $25 and down a sliding scale and are contracted directly with the coach. 

To start the process of securing a coach, please contact the Rev. Cecily Broderick administrator of the Coaching program for the Diocese of Long Island:  

If a Hogan Assessment is undertaken, either the parish or clergy person is responsible for payment and partial scholarships are available.  

To find out more about a Hogan Assessment and its advantages for leadership growth, click here.