License to Officiate as a Priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island

Diocese of Long Island
Posted by Teddy Byrne
Topics: For Clergy

A License to Officiate as a priest is granted at the pleasure of the bishop pursuant to the guidelines outlined in the Constitution and Canons, III.9.6 (a):

No priest shall preach, minister the sacraments, or hold any public service, within the limits of any diocese other than the diocese in which the priest is canonically resident for more than two months without a license from the Ecclesiastical Authority of the diocese in which the priest desires to officiate. No priest shall be denied such a license on account of the priest's race, color, ethnic origin, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disabilities, or age, except as otherwise provided in these Canons. Upon expiration or withdrawal of a license, a priest shall cease immediately to officiate.

A License to Officiate as a priest in this diocese will expire on the last day of the calendar year in which it was issued. A License to Officiate may be rescinded at any time for reasons that are sufficient to the Bishop Diocesan. Before the end of the calendar year, each LTO priest must submit an Annual Renewal and Report which asks for a brief report on the past year's ministry settings, including dates and locations of any supply work that was done. Upon receipt and review of the report, the bishop’s office will notify you of the status of your License to Officiate by mail.

Priests wishing to be licensed to officiate in the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island must provide the following information and must meet all of the requirements as laid out in the application guidelines that follow.