Resolution 2023-R1

157th Convention of the Diocese of Long Island November 10-11, 2023
Posted by Teddy Byrne
Topics: Convention

Ministry Plan for Diocese of Long Island 2024

The Ministry Plan (aka budget) for 2024 that is before this convention represents the faithful stewardship of our congregations, the Trustees of the Estate Belonging to the Diocese of Long Island, and all the corporations that constitute the ministry of the Diocese of Long Island. It represents the best efforts of our diocese to provide ministry in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk as we continue to adjust and move past the impact of the world-wide pandemic. As you examine this Ministry Plan, you will discover the outward and visible expression of our collective support for the programs, initiatives, and personnel that are our diocesan ministry. This ministry plan provides significant support and attention to the further development of clergy and lay leadership for our parishes, the continued encouragement of our diocesan-wide ministries, and the on-going initiatives of pastoral, liturgical, and social ministries across the Diocese and beyond.