Safe Church Guideline Overview (English)

Safe Church
Posted by Teddy Byrne
Topics: Safe Church

The Diocese of Long Island intends that every parish congregation and every ministry be always places of community, learning, grace, insight, and caring. This begins by assuring that they are safe places. By that we mean places where the vulnerable are protected from harm and where all live and work with respect for one another. This beginning point aims toward an end point at which our gathering places for worship, community, and service are experienced as anticipations of the Kingdom of God.

The Diocese has adopted the following policies consistent with those goals:

  • Policy prohibiting Sexual Harassment

  • Policy prohibiting Sexual Exploitation

  • Policy for the protection of Children and Youth

  • Policy for the protection of Vulnerable Adults

    Mercer School of Theology is deputed by the Bishop with providing training in the service of these goals. We call this “Safe Church Training.”